Bar Plaques


The gold bar plaques are made of 9ct yellow gold and come in three lengths - small, medium and large. All three look stunning worn on hoops as well as attached onto one of our chains or cuffs.

The plaques were designed to fit all our hoops - you simply slide them on. They can also be attached onto our chains, necklaces, bracelets.

Shown here with: Large Original Hoop


-  Small bar plaque length: 7mm (+ 3mm loop)
-  Medium bar plaque length: 12mm (+ 3mm loop)
-  Large bar plaque length: 20mm (+ 3mm loop)
-  X long bar plaque length: 40mm ( +3mm loop)
- 9ct yellow gold


Contact us if you would like a plaque attached onto a chain, necklace or a bracelet.
* please note, all plaques are sold as singles

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