Working with Mother Of Pearl

Mother-of-pearl is the iridescent inside lining of a mollusk shell. It is most commonly found in three types of mollusks—pearl oysters, freshwater mussels, and abalone. To protect the inside of their shells, the mollusk coats it with nacre—an organic substance that gives mother-of-pearl its iridescent effect and distinct beauty. This multicolored iridescence is caused by the way light reflects on the layers of nacre on the shell.

While most mollusks produce mother of pearl, the same cannot be said for pearl gemstones. In fact, only a very low percentage of mollusks produce pearls. Even with advances in pearl cultivation that create ideal conditions for pearl development, an oyster or mussel developing a pearl is never guaranteed.

We decided to use mother of pearl as it is seen as the underdog we want to celebrate it not see it go to waste. It is in abundance compared to pearls the process even cultivated is still natural.

Mother of pearl and abalone have distinct individuality that makes every single item unique. If you would like to view whats in stock before purchasing; don’t hesitate to email the team