Emerald Ouvert Pendant

£147.50 £295

The Emerald Ouvert Pendant is a part of our Gemstone Collection inspired by birthstones. Emerald is a gemstone associated with May and symbolises rebirth. It is believed to bring the wearer luck, youth, and foresight. Each pendant is make of solid 9ct yellow gold and features a a beautiful emerald. Each stone is set in a delicate 9k yellow gold frame. 


- 9k yellow gold
- Emerald 
- Chain Length: Adjustable between 16" and 18"


Marquise Pendant Measures:19mm x 9.5mm
Marquise Gemstone Measures: approx. 3mm x 6mm

Circle Diameter:13mm
Circle Gemstone Diameter: approx. 3mm

Pear Pendant Measures:18mm x 11mm
Pear Gemstone Measures: approx. 5mm x 4mm

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