Espirit Lizard Ear Stack


This look brings a playful pop of colour to your hear story. Featuring our new Enamel Espirit Lizard Plaque & Triple Reverse Set Stud in Emerald.

This ear story requires four piercings. All items featured can be purchased individually. Alternative sizes, colours and gemstones are available. Click on links to view each product. If you require any further information please email

Look breakdown:

1)Extra Large Clicker Hoop + Espirit Enamel Lizard
Inner diameter: 26.5mm
Outer diameter: 29.5mm
Thread diameter: 0.8mm
Thread length: 7mm
Hoop width: 1.4mm
Lizard: 6mm x 14mm + 3mm Loop

2) Large Claw Set Diamond Clicker Hoop
Inner diameter: 16.8mm
Outer diameter: 19.7mm
Hoop width:1.34
Thread diameter:  0.75mm
Thread length: 6.7mm

3) Graduating reverse set emerald stud
Dimensions: 4mm x 2mm
Emeralds dimensions: 2.5mm, 1.7mm, 1.3mm, 1mm, 0.7mm

4) Dala Detail Bold Kite Stud
Dimensions: 5.10mm x 3.90mm

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