Mixed Cut 'Hexa' Citrine Plaque


With its larger, bold scale and vibrant colour, this elegant, mixed cut citrine plaque is a statement-making alternative to our classic gemstone plaque collection.

The mixed cuts of citrine stones are set in a delicate 9k yellow gold frame and topped with a jump ring.

For ultimate elegance attach these plaques to our Original or Large Original hoops.


- 9k yellow gold
- Citrine
- Princess Cut Citrine: 4x4mm Baguette Cut: 11x 4mm Hexa: 15 x 4mm Rhombus: 7x 4mm
- Length: 56.50mm

    Contact us if you would like a plaque attached to a chain, necklace or a bracelet.
    * Please note, all plaques are sold as singles.

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