Petite Black Diamond Inner Kite Pavé Earring


The Original Diamond Pavé Hoop styled with the Gold Fancy Inner Kite Black and Petite Black Diamond Plaque.

All items are also sold as singles. Wear together or mix end match with the other items in your Metiér collection.



- 9k yellow gold

- Brilliant cut diamonds

- Internal diameter: 8mmé- Hoop thickness: 1mm


-  Inner kite plaque length: 4mm (+ 3mm loop)


- 1.8mm (+ 3mm loop)

- 9k yellow gold

- Round gemstone (diamond, ruby, blue sapphire or emerald)


- Original Diamond Pavé Hoop

- Petite Black Diamond Chain Plaque

-Gold Fancy Inner Kite Plaque 



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