Triple Blue Sapphire, Tanzanite and Topaz Plaque


The triple gemstone plaques are the most colourful and prominent of all. There is a choice of two stone cuts - pear and princess to match your style.

This duo is set with a pear cut sapphire, tanzanite and topaz set in a delicate 9k yellow gold frame. Topped with a jump ring, the plaque could be easily put on and taken off any sized hoop.

The plaques were designed to fit all our hoops - you simply slide them on. They can also be attached onto our chains, necklaces, bracelets.


-  Plaque length: 35mm (+ 3mm loop)
- 9k yellow gold
- Sapphire, tanzanite and topaz

    Contact us if you would like a plaque attached onto a chain, necklace or a bracelet.
    * please note, all plaques are sold as singles

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