Walking on the clouds bracelet stack


We are loving this white enamel and diamond bracelet stack. This look features two bracelets. All items featured can be purchased individually. Alternative sizes, colours and gemstones are available. Click on links to view each product. If you require any further information please email info@metierbytomfoolery.co.uk

Look Breakdown:

1) Enamel 2.1 Dala Adjustable Bracelets 

Metal: 9ct yellow gold and white enamel

Bracelet length: 7"- 3.5"

2) Dala Gold Adjustable Bracelets 

Meta: 9ct yellow gold

Dala Hexa 3.1: 12 x 2mm

Bracelet length: 7"- 3.5"

3) Marquise Gemstone Adjustable Bracelets 

Bracelet length: 7"- 3.5"

Gemstone Size: 1.5mm x 3mm

Gemstone carat weight:  0.05ct

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