December Birthstone - Tanzanite & Turquoise

In December, we celebrate two enchanting birthstones: tanzanite and turquoise. Tanzanite, with its mesmerising blue-violet hue, symbolises sophistication and spiritual growth. Turquoise, known for its sky-blue colour, represents wisdom and protection. When it comes to gifting jewellery adorned with these stones, each offers its own unique charm. Tanzanite jewellery can convey elegance and a sense of mystery, while turquoise jewellery radiates tranquillity and strength. Whether choosing tanzanite or turquoise, December-born individuals can enjoy the symbolic significance and beauty of their birthstones in their jewellery pieces. Looking to add a personal touch? Consider incorporating an initial, letter addition or engraving option here.

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Explore our builder tool to create personalised solid gold jewellery with birthstone gemstones and initials. Choose from a wide range of plaques, including initials, symbols, and more, to craft unique pieces that tell your story.

Hoop earring with multiple plaque add ons in gold and emerald by Metier