Design Your Own Earring(s)

Model adding a plaque to create your own hoop earrings by Metier

Introducing our new builder feature! Design your own earrings to suit your style. Choose from one or two earrings, plaques, and chains. Design Your Own (DYO) Earring(s) by following the steps below.

Number 1

Choose your base

Explore our selection of solid gold 'base' earring options, with hoops available in various sizes, finishes, and shapes including round and oval. Tailor your choice to achieve the desired look that perfectly suits your style.

Pick your plaque

Choose your perfect plaque to enhance your earring, from classic gold to gemstones and drop plaques. Whether driven by personalisation, birthstone meaning, meaningful initials, or style preferences, the decision is yours.

Number 3

Add On Chains

Elevate your creation with a touch of drama by adding one of our solid gold add on connecting chains. Keep in mind that this part is optional, so you have the option to add extra flair or keep it elegantly simple, based on your preference.

Your done!

Once you're content with your design, add it to your cart. Keep in mind that most of our plaques can be easily switched without tools, except for drop cuffs or honey hooks, which will be permanently fixed.

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