As a small business we have grown organically through self taught practice and guidance from experts, whilst we have a long-term commitment to the responsibility of our production, sourcing and development. We know we are not 100% there yet! We will keep trying with every step we take to constantly review how we could do better.

Our focus with Métier from the outset has been to create an anti-throwaway product. Our design concept is multi-use reducing the need for multiple unnessary purchases. Our focus is to be a slow jewellery brand.

9ct Gold Jewellery

We reject base metal gold plating as it cannot be cleaned up to its original state.

Pure gold is 24ct but this is too soft for everyday wear. Gold is mixed with other metals called alloys to increase its hardness and durability. Métier jewellery is created using 9ct gold which has 37.5% gold mixed with minimum 45% silver and 17.5% other alloys (never nickel). The silver alloy can cause the metal to become tarnished when exposed to chemicals or the natural oils your skin produces.

All gold jewellery does require cleaning to keep the bright shine and remove any tarnish. We recommend using detergent in warm water and carefully brush with a soft toothbrush and then rinse in lukewarm water. After cleaning, air dry the jewellery and make sure to store in airtight boxes and bags when it’s not being worn.

We will continue create jewellery in a durable material that can be worn and worn and if you ever wanted to change your item of jewellery the metal can easily be recyled.