Design Your Own Bracelet

eiffel details bracelet

Explore our newest builder feature! If you're interested in customising and designing your own bracelet to reflect your personal style, this one's for you. Design your own bracelet (DYO) by following these steps:

Number 1

Choose your chain

Choose your base gold bracelet from our array of Métier chains, offering a range of styles from delicate to chunkier designs. Find the perfect foundation to express your unique style.

Pick your plaques

Choose up to five plaques to customise your bracelet. Our diverse collection includes mini delicate solid gold, exquisite gemstones, and personalised initials. For the diamond-cut light chain, we suggest opting for one of our smaller, lighter plaques.

Number 3

Your Done!

Add your personalised bracelet to the cart. Plaques will be attached in the order they're selected. For specific arrangements, include a note with your order. Design your own unique piece today!

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