Design Your Own Necklace

Model holding Metier's gold necklaces from the Create Your Own Collection

Introducing our new builder feature! If you want to customise and create your own necklace to suit your personal style, this ones for you! Design Your Own Necklace (DYO) by following the below steps:

Number 1

Choose your chain

Select your base necklace, choosing from from delicate chains, heavier chains, and choose your length.

pick your plaques

Choose up to three plaques to add to your necklace, from classic gold, to gemstone, to drop plaques

Number 3

Add an adapter

Add a swivel or plaque adapter so that you can change plaques to switch up your style! Swivels will need to be attached with tools by our team but adapters can be added and removed without any tools. 

You're done!

Once you're content with your design, add it to your cart!

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