Claw Set Diamond Clicker Hoop


Please note the clicker hoop are sold as a single. To purchase a pair please add 2 to your basket.

Our round claw-set diamond clicker hoops feature a hinge fastening and are ideal for those who have smaller piercings. You can also add plaques to create a personalised and layered look. The seamless round clicker hoops are available in 3 sizes.


9ct yellow gold


Diamond Carat weight: 0.005ct

Mini Hoop

Inner diameter: 5mm

Outer diameter:8mm

Thread diameter:0.7mm

Thread length: 5.2mm

Hoop width: 1.37mm

Original Hoop

Inner diameter: 8mm

Outer diameter: 11mm

Hoop width: 1.45mm

Thread diameter: 0.7mm

Thread length:5.7mm

Large Hoop

Inner diameter: 16.8mm

Outer diameter: 19.7mm

Hoop width:1.34

Thread diameter:  0.75mm

Thread length: 6.7mm



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