September Birthstone - Sapphire

September's birthstone is the sapphire, cherished for its deep blue allure and timeless elegance. Symbolising wisdom, royalty, and sincerity, sapphires have captivated hearts for generations. Their rich colour evokes images of the vast sky and endless oceans, inspiring a sense of tranquility and depth. Sapphires are believed to bring clarity of thought and inner peace to their wearers, fostering a connection to truth and intuition. Our collection ranges from cornflower blue sapphires to deep blue sapphires as well as more unusual pinks, offering a variety of options to celebrate September birthdays with style and sophistication. Looking to add a personal touch? Consider incorporating an initial, letter addition or engraving option here.

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Explore our builder tool to create personalised solid gold jewellery with birthstone gemstones and initials. Choose from a wide range of plaques, including initials, symbols, and more, to craft unique pieces that tell your story.

Hoop earring with multiple plaque add ons in gold and emerald by Metier