Enamel Espirit Animal Plaques


What's your spirit animal? Made of enamel-coated silver with a 9ct gold loop you can add these plaques to our métier chains or hoops.


Sterling silver and enamel body

9ct yellow gold loop 


Elephant: 12mm x 5mm + 3mm Loop
Cheetah: 5mm x 14mm + 3mm Loop
Lizard: 6mm x 14mm + 3mm Loop
Giraffe: 6mm  x 14mm + 3mm Loop
Eagle: 16.5mm x 4mm + 3mm Loop
Snake: 14mm x 4mm +3mm Loop

Espirit animal Meanings

EAGLE: Leadership authority. Those who choose the eagle as their spirit animal are born to be leaders and high achievers. Visionaries who believe in the power of expanding self-discovery.

LIZARD: In many cultures, the lizard is a symbol of regeneration and rebirth and is linked to feminine power, divine wisdom and good fortune.

SNAKE: The snake represents a creative life force. The snake's ability to shed its own skin can be interpreted as rebirth, transformation and healing.

ELEPHANT: Elephants symbolise strength, memory and represent gentle souls. They are revered as a symbol of good luck prosperity and a destroyer of evil.

BIG CAT: The Big Cats signify patience and acting fast when needed. It helps you to stay focused on your goals and remain confident in your abilities.

GIRAFFE: Giraffes symbolise aspiration and uniqueness.

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